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Life at Riphah

Students Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

Functioning under the supervision of the Registrar, Student Services Department (SSD) arranges, facilitates and coordinates the student activities at University Campus. SSD endeavors to promote goodwill, brotherhood, tolerism and creativity among the students through healthy co curricular activities.

To achieve these objectives following student societies have been established under the supervision of Student Services Department:

  • Riphah Society for Excellence
  •  Riphah Adventure Club
  •  Riphah Sports Society
  •  Riphah Art and Literary Society
  •  Riphah Blood Donor Society
  •  Riphah Ansar
  •  Riphah Alfalah
  •  Riphah Imandar
  •  Riphah Peace ford
  •  Riphah Intellectual

International Anti-Corruption Day

The United Nations international Anti-corruption Day aims to raise public awareness of corruption and what people can do to fight it. It is observed on December 9, each year. Student Services Riphah International University also planned a week long activity to spread awareness for anti-corruption from 7th till 11th December 2015.

To explore and develop students’ potential student services Department has organized workshops, Interacting sessions and activities that increase their confidence and competence to manage change. The Student Services Department is committed to provide value-based, co-curricular program that Promote student engagement enhance and polish their skills and arranging opportunities to practice and explore talent.

Haya Week

Riphah Society for Excellence (RSE) arranged a lecture on “True Love” delivered by a well-known scholar of Youth Club, Mr. Raja Zia ul Haq at the main campus. On the other hand in Al-Mizan Campus the lecture was delivered by Dr. Yousuf Raza, President, Muslim United. The presenters highlighted the features of Islamic Culture and Civilization for human relations and pointed out the devastations affecting our society due to the promotion of western culture by the electronic and print media.

Recreational and Industrial Trips

Various faculties have arranged 20 Industrial and 24 recreational trips for the students as part of their academic and personality development.

Weekly Quran Lecture

Riphah Society for Excellence has also arranged “Weekly Quran Lecture” for understanding of the Holy Quran every Thursday during break hours for half-an-hour at the main campus. The students are taught about the best way of living with reference to the Holy Quran. The feedback is very encouraging.

Inter-Department Cricket Tournament of Students

The inauguration ceremony of Riphah Champions Cup 2016 was held (3-Mar-16) in G-7 Campus Islamabad. Faculty Members and Students of RIPS and BDS were present in the ceremony. To explore and develop students' potential Student Services Department and all faculties organized sports week (Riphah Champions Cup 2016) 3rd to 8th March 2016, this activity increase their confidence and competence to manage change.


Mehfil-e-Naat was organized in January by the RIPS Female Society. Event was appreciated by students and faculty as the purpose was to pay tribute to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Football League

League concept in football was first introduced by RIPS Sports Society for students. Matches were played in April. Nine (9) teams participated in the matches.

Tour De Kashmir:

Riphah Society for Excellence arranged a tour to Rawalakot, Kashmir for its members. Seventy five members from all the campuses participated in the event. This event was a leadership expedition, which provided a variety of activities, lectures, workshops, games, and competitions.

Pakistan Day Celebrated at WISH Campus

A speech and poster competition was organized at WISH Campus of Riphah International University in connection with the Pakistan Day celebrations. The Event took place in Event Hall of WISH campus. Dr. Anis Ahmed, Vice Chancellor of Riphah International University was the Chief Guest of the occasion accompanied by Dr. Asghar Khan(Campus Director) and Syed Shakil-ur-Rehman Principal (RCRS). The students of DPT & Social Sciences actively participated in the event. Ms. Nida Khawar of DPT 1st Semester performed the duties of stage secretary of the event. The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Ms. Syeda Zainab Mulazim of DPT (2nd semester) and was later translated by Ms. Sama of DPT (9th Semester)

Ayub Khoso at RIMS

Mr. Ayub Khoosa, the renowned TV artist and playactor was the guest of honour at a get-together of students and faculty of Riphah Institute of Media Sciences at Riphah International University. Recalling the reminiscences of his more than three decades of association with TV and radio he narrated many interesting events and spoke on how efficient the staff and actors were in the infancy stage of TV in Pakistan, despite the shortage of resources and the advanced technology. He advised the students to seek pride in being Pakistani and build the image of Pakistan and its society positively through media. He said that no society is void of evils but their image builders, students of media, should ignore the evils and advertise its good aspects. It was unfortunate that those who portray negative aspect of our society get awards and we consider them our heroes.

Session with Humayun Saeed (Renowned Actor and Producer)

Humayun saeed delivered a talk at Al-Mizan Campus on “opportunities and challenges in media Production”. He advised the students to think about their role in the development of society and country and to be informed about their rights and duties.