The program has been designed to meet the expected manpower requirements in the wake of fast-moving globalization and particularly the impact of CPEC scenario on the local job market. Near future will witness the growth of small and large projects of different kinds not only on the route of the CPEC but growth of auxiliary industry in small and big cities of the country. The economic development initiatives in Africa are expected to open new opportunities. Reasonably large number of project jobs at a different level would need to be filled up with trained and qualified persons. The advent of a large number of projects would also require manpower trained in Supply Chain management. The program has been designed to cover essential of both areas i.e. project management and supply chain management. Supply chain management focuses on how firms utilize their supplier’s processes, technology, the capability to enhance competitive advantage, and the coordination of the manufacturing, logistics, and materials management functions within a project or an organization.

In addition to these specialized areas, the students will be exposed to main functional areas of an organization i.e. Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Management.  A special emphasis is on developing soft skills and a holistic personality. Inculcating Islamic ethical values is a hallmark of every program offered by Riphah. The teaching pedagogy will be to use real-world examples and develop modeling skills.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program, students should be able to;

  1. Understand the nature of projects, its constraints and supplies requirement
  2. Understand the Supply Contracts and its obligations
  3. Understand the management components of Logistic and supply chain
  4. Understand the tools and techniques used in implementing project supply chain management
  5. Use the tools and techniques for analysis of strategic, tactical, and operational decisions including facility location, vehicle routing/transportation and inventory management.
  6. Add value at each step in both service and manufacturing oriented projects and its supply chain.

* Scholarship for Topers Undergraduate programs:
In this policy 10% of class strength are eligible for 100% fee waiver throughout their academic career, if he / she gets a score of minimum 85% & above in (FA / F.Sc). 

Course Facts

Study Level

Study Mode

Course Length

Credit Hours

Intake Start Date Fee Semester
Undergradute Full time 4 years (8 semesters) 132 Spring and Fall October 2018 66800

Entry To BS Project and Supply Chain Management 

Eligibility  Seats Selection Criteria Scholorships  Offered At Classes Start Date Application

45% marks in


or equivalent in

relevant discipline 



Academic Qualification: 30%

Test/Interview: 70%omething...

Need & Merit Based upto 100% Township Campus

Spring: February 

Fall: September 
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Program Structure

Program Structure