The Department of Mathematics offers BS degree program in Mathematics. The duration of BS is four years (8 semesters). BS Mathematics program is designed to equip the students with technical knowledge of the fundamentals of computing, their mathematical foundations and application. A sequence of courses is designed so that theoretical study is amalgamated with practical on ground exercises. This program is designed in such a way that the students will learn all fundamental aspects of Mathematics which will prepare students for higher degree leading to MPhil/PhD or any other qualification either in Pakistan or abroad. 

Course Facts:

Entry Admission Requirements for Program: 

  • Intermediate with Mathematics securing at least 50% marks in aggregate.
  • Any other examination of a Foreign University / Institution / Examining Body, equivalent to Intermediate with Mathematics. Equivalence and percentage of marks will be determined by IBCC. Or
  • Diploma of Associate Engineering Examination, securing at least 60% marks in aggregate.

Course Facts

Study Level

Study Mode

Course Length

Class Timings 

1st Semester Fee 



04 years

(8 Semesters)

Morning & Afternoon


Entry To BS Mathematics



Admission Criteria

Start Date


Intermediate securing at least

50% marks in aggregate or any other examination

of a Foreign University / Institution / Examining Body,

equivalent to intermediate.Equivalence and

percentage of marks will be

determined by IBCC. Or Diploma

 of Associate Engineering Examination,

securing at least 60% marks in aggregate.


30 Seats Per Semester

Academic Qualification   60%           


Interview/EntryTest    40%

Fall: September

Spring: March





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Program Structure

Scheme of Studies for BS Mathematics


Number of Courses

Number of Credit Hours

Compulsory Requirements



General Courses



Discipline Specific Foundation Courses



Major Courses including Senior year Project

10 + Project


Elective Courses within the Major




43 + Project




  Compulsory Courses (University Requirement)

  1. ENG-103 English I (3 credit hrs)
  2. ENG-154 English II (3 credit hrs)
  3. ENG-203 English III (3 credit hrs)
  4. FL-254 Any Foreign Language (existing language course being offered in Riphah) (3 credit hrs)
  5. UR-150Islamic Studies (2 credit hrs)
  6. UR-250 Pakistan Studies (2 credit hrs)
  7. MAT-648 Discrete Mathematics (3 credit hrs)
  8. MAT-102 Elements of set theory and Logic (3 credit hrs)
  9. MAT-152 Software Packages I (2+1 credit hrs)
  10. Introduction to Programming (3 credit hrs)

  General Courses (Non-Mathematical)

  1. STAT-101 Introduction to Statistics (3 credit hrs)
  2. Computer Programming (2+1 credit hrs)
  3. MAT-204 Software Packages II (2+1 credit hrs)
  4. General Course I (3 credit hrs)
  5. General Course II (3 credit hrs)
  6. UR-350 Revealed Sciences I (2 credit hrs)
  7. UR-450 Revealed Sciences II (2 credit hrs)
  8. STAT-101 Introduction to Statistics (3 credit hrs)
  9. UR-550 Professional Ethics (2 credit hrs)

  Discipline Specific Foundation Courses

  1. MAT-202 Algebra I (Group Theory) (3 credit hrs)
  2. MAT-421 Algebra II (Rings & Fields) (3 credit hrs)
  3. MAT-101 Calculus I (3 credit hrs)
  4. MAT-151 Calculus II (3 credit hrs)
  5. MAT-201 Calculus III (3 credit hrs)
  6. MAT-305 Complex Analysis (3 credit hrs)
  7. MAT-252 Ordinary Differential Equations I (3 credit hrs)
  8. MAT-302 Ordinary Differential Equations II (3credit hrs)
  9. MAT-153 Linear Algebra I (3 credit hrs)
  10. MAT-203 Affine and Euclidean Geometry (3 credit hrs)
  11. MAT-422 Integral Equations (3 credit hrs)

  Major Courses on Mathematics

  1. MAT-466 Number Theory (3 credit hrs)
  2. MAT-251 Real Analysis I (3 credit hrs)
  3. MAT-301 Real Analysis II (3 credit hrs)
  4. MAT-467 Mathematical Methods (3 credit hrs)
  5. Topology (3 credit hrs)
  6. MAT-304 Mathematical Statistics (3 credit hrs)
  7. MAT-351 Functional Analysis (3 credit hrs)
  8. MAT-352 Differential Geometry (3 credit hrs)
  9. Classical Mechanics (3 credit hrs)
  10. MAT-353 Partial Differential Equations (3 credit hrs)
  11. MAT-465 Numerical Analysis (3+1 credit hrs)
  12. MAT 463 Combinatorics (3 credit hrs)

  Elective Courses within the Major

  1. MAT 454 Operations Research (3 credit hrs)
  2. Optimization Techniques (3 credit hrs)
  3. MAT 472* Introductory Graph Theory (3 credit hrs)
  4. Mathematics for Finance (3 credit hrs)
  5. MAT 471* Numerical Solutions of ODEs (3 credit hrs)
  6. MAT 474* Linear Algebra II (3 credit hrs)
  7. MAT 470* History of Mathematics (3 credit hrs)

MAT-498 Senior Year Project: In the fourth year of BS program student will carry out senior year project in his/her choice of field related to some survey or substantial work on any suitable topic in mathematics or applications of mathematics in industries, banking, or any other suitable sector under the supervision of faculty member in mathematics. The total credit hour for the senior year project is 3(three).