Aim of offering this program is to ensure that the students are aware of the nature, origin, history and scope of Psychology as a modern discipline and its relationship with other sciences. To be aware of the different perspectives – functional systems andtheories – used in psychology in order to study, understand and explain its subject matter. To be aware of the experimental and experimental underpinning of the study of psychology and develop a scientific approach to the subject. all the necessary skills to continue a specialist study later on and achieve professional qualifications. To be conversant with the biological, biochemical, psycho social and genetic basis of behavior. Every student must participate in seminar and annual research papers in each course on current respective area of psychology

Course Facts

Study Level Study Mode Duration Credit Hours Intake Class Timings Fee Structure/Per semester
Undergraduate Full Time

4 Years

131 Spring & Fall Weekdays 08:00 am to 04:00 pm

Rs 71,596

Entry To BS Applied Psychology

Eligibility  Seats Admission Criteria Age Limit Scholarship Start Date Application
FA/ FSc with minimum 45% marks or equivalent qualification


Qualification: 70%

Interview: 30%
No Limit - February 2017 Apply Online
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Program Structure

Program Structure

Course Code Name Credit Hours
ENG -1101 English-I 3
APSY-1104 Introduction to Psychology 2
ISM-1102 Islamic Studies / Ethics 2
MASS-1106 Mass Communication 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
APSY-1204 Applied Areas in Psychology 2
ENG-1201 English –II 3
COMP-1203 Introduction to Computers 3
LAW-1206 Introduction to Law 3
PST-1202 Pakistan Studies (Life & Living) 2
APSY-1205 Practical’s in Psychology 1
SCOW-1207 Social Work 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
BIO-2102 Biology 3
APSY-2103 Cognitive Psychology 3
ENG-2101 Communication Skills 3
APSY-2104 Environmental Psychology 3
PHIL-2105 Introduction to Philosophy 3
IBTQ-2106 Introduction to the Basic Concepts and Teachings of the Qur’an (Life & Living) 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
APSY-2203 Cross Cultural Psychology 3
ECO-2206 Economics 3
APSY-2202 Ethical Issues in Psychology 3
APSY-2204 Gender Issues in Psychology 3
LANG-2201 Language: French / Chinese 3
SCO-2205 Sociology 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
APSY-3105 Developmental Psychology 3
APSY-3101 Psycho Pathology 3
APSY-3103 Psychological Assessment ( Theory) 3
APSY-3104 Psychological Assessment Practical 1
APSY-3102 Schools and Perspectives in Psychology 2
APSY-3107 Statistics in Psychology 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
APSY-3202 Biological Basis of Behavior 3
APSY-3205 Group Research 1
APSY-3203 Health Psychology 3
APSY-3204 Research Methods-II 3
APSY-3207 Social Psychology 3
APSY-3206 Statistical Analysis 3
APSY-3201 Theory of personality 2
Course Code Name Credit Hours
APSY-4106 Case Reports-I 2
APSY-4105 Clinical Psychology/Organizational Psychology 3
COMW-4103 Community work 1
APSY-4101 Experimental Psychology 3
APSY-4102 Lab Experiments 2
APSY-4104 Research Thesis* 4
Course Code Name Credit Hours
APSY-4204 Case Reports II 2
APSY-4203 Forensic Psychology/Human Resource Management 3
APSY-4202 Peace Psychology 3
APSY-4201 Positive Psychology 3
APSY-4104 Research Thesis* 4