01.       Artificial Insemination and  Reproductive Health Management of Dairy Animals  


           Duration      =                        06 Months

           Eligibility    =                          Matric (Science)




Functional anatomy of female reproductive system; Endocrinology of reproduction; Factors affecting onset of puberty in dairy animals; Breeding seasons. Physiology of oestrous cycle; Behavioral signs of oestrus; Methods of oestrus detection. Pregnancy diagnosis methods. Care and management of dairy animals at parturition. Diseases and accidents of postpartum period; Management of reproductive problems of non pregnant females. Introduction to artificial insemination and its historical background. Advantages and limitations of artificial insemination. Functional anatomy of male reproductive system. Technique of artificial insemination in cattle and buffaloes. Correct time and site of insemination; Criteria for the selection of breeding bull. Semen evaluation.  Methods of semen collection. Extenders used for semen preservation. Cryopreservation, storage, transport and thawing of semen. Handling of liquid nitrogen container and frozen semen in the field. Common reproductive diseases affecting male animals. Factors affecting conception rate in artificial insemination.





Palpation of female reproductive organs on palpation table and in experimental animals.  Oestrus detection through rectal palpation. Diagnosis of pregnancy through rectal palpation. Infertility examination of dairy animals. Preparation of breeding bull for semen collection. Semen evaluation. Visit to semen production unit. Preparation of insemination equipment. Practice of artificial insemination. Liquid nitrogen tank handling. Intrauterine therapy. Collection of uterine material for laboratory investigations. Clinical case recording.


Minimum Required Facilities


  1. Trainers (M.Sc., Animal Reproduction)/DVM degree holders = 1-2
  2. Lecture rooms       = 1-2 Nos.


  1. Laboratory with following equipment

Microscope                                       1-2 No.

Palpation table                                 3 No.

Liquid nitrogen container              1-2 No.

Water bath                                       1 No.

Refrigerator                                      1 No.

Haemocytometer                            3 No.

Artificial vagina                 1 set

A.I guns                               4 Nos

A.I. sheaths                            50 Nos


  1. Animal Sheds      =   1-2 Nos.

Cows or buffaloes=  10 head

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