Young Physicists Tournament

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Physics being one of the leading branches of science starting its journey from the time immemorial, continuing it and will lead it to the last moment of time itself . No doubt, the teaching of Physics starts with Secondary School and continues till PhD degree in different specialized areas, in most of the Public Sector and Private Universities. So far so good, but applications of Physics in various domains of practical life is unfortunately nil.  Such National Dilemma can be overcome by developing the culture of competition among students of Secondary and Higher Secondary Standards, both at National and International Levels.

In this regard, Department of Physics, Riphah International University, Lahore (Q.I.E Campus) has organized and hosted 1st Regional Pakistan Young Physicists Tournament (PYPT) on 17 and 18th November, 2018. PYPT serves as a qualifier for those students who will represent Pakistan at corresponding International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT) that is going to be held in Poland next year.

The Participants from various reputed institute of the Lahore presented their problems, which were already assigned to them. 

In the end, shields and certificates were distributed among winning teams and participants, respectively.