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More High Impact Factor Publications by Dr. Muhammad Waqas Iqbal

RARE Lahore is delighted to share that our faculty member and research scholar Dr. M. Waqas Iqbal (HoD Physics Lahore) published three more research Papers in top tier journals in 2017.

1. Enhanced magnetoresistance in graphene spin valve.   Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials          Impact factor = 2.630           
2. Graphene Spin Valve: An Angle Sensor     Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials                               Impact factor = 2.630
3.  Interlayer reliant magnetoresitance in graphene spin valve.  Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials   Impact factor = 2.630
Total Publication of Dr M. Waqas Iqbal = 37 (Total Impact Factor = 148.19) 
Total Publications with Riphah International University, Lahore = 7 (Total Impact Factor = 23)
Total Publications in 2016 (with Riphah) = 2 (Total Impact Factor = 7.616)
Total Publications in 2017 (with Riphah) = 5 (Total Impact Factor = 15.384).
Paper in Review (3) Working Papers 5. 
Congratulations to Dr. Waqas on his success. His dedication, enthusiasm and research insight are really inspiring and made us all proud.