Riphah Institute of Language & Literature



Riphah Institute of Language and Literature, Lahore Campus, is a vibrant centre of teaching and research. The department was established in 2015 and since then it has strived to create a tradition of active teaching and learning. It aspires to be one of the leading institutes of the university where students could be nurtured academically, intellectually and morally. It envisions in developing a group of creative yet critical thinkers in the field of academia and research. The department also aims to equip students with a sense of positive outlook towards the world around them.



The department offers diverse student-centred learning opportunities in literary and language studies at graduate and post graduate levels. Our courses are research driven to help students specialize in the subjects of Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. The undergraduate programmes are unique and challenging that could inculcate critical insight into the English Literature subject. Moreover, it promotes a deep scientific study of English Language in the subjects of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. The aim is to produce diverse and innovative literary approaches that would help students constructively contribute in the study of language and literary research.



-To develop a basic understanding of the subjects offered at the department.

- To develop a connection of societies, cultures, and histories through the exposure of a variety of literary texts and language courses.

-To equip students with the critical and analytic skills to evaluate the literary texts.

- To empower the students with a literary scholarship to help them appreciate the impact of language in the global community.

-To groom students and polish them to be independent and confident citizens on national and international platforms.

HOD Message
English language and literature Programs, will able you to specialize and grasp opportunities for a journalism career, teaching career, or careers in the arts and humanities sectors, as well as the key skills you will pick up along the way.
Dr. Anjum P Saleemi



Riphah Institute of Language and Literature (RILL) strives to equip students to be academically compatible at the national and global fronts. The Institute provides employment opportunities for those students who have shown outstanding performances over their academic years. We ensure that our literary and language credentials would enable our graduates earn teaching positions at reputable institutions. Moreover, our Professional Development Programme is specially designed to develop the intellectual, academic and personal skills required to begin towards a destination they choose to pursue for their future careers.

Faculty Facilities

Faculty Impact
Highly Qualified Faculty
RILL includes a list of qualified and experienced faculty members who supervise the development of analytical and interdisciplinary approaches in studying different genres of Literature and Linguistics. Presently, we also have some foreign qualified teachers and scholars on board at the department.