Riphah Institute of Computing & Applied Sciences (RICAS)


RICAS is a center for education and research in Computing, Mathematics and Physics. The prime aim of this institute is to play a role in producing excellence in research and education. People at RICAS are working with maximum potential in basic and applied sciences. There is a vibrant community for discovering and applying knowledge. During each scientific program of study, collaboration is made by exchanging ideas and knowledge through lectures, seminars, workshops and training sessions to advance the education and research standards.


About Us

RICAS is one of the main Institutes of Riphah International University Lahore Campus. It provides a comfortable learning environment to the students. The library is loaded with thousands of books on Computing, Mathematics and Physics. The institute also aims  to strengthen the research in these disciplines and prepare students for higher level education leading to PhD. 



To be a top world class center for basic and applied Computing, Mathematics and Physics.



World top ranking institute, produce high quality scientists and mathematicians through teaching, learning and research. 

Message from the Chair
Welcome to Riphah Institute of Computing and Applied Sciences (RICAS), a premier institute to offer BS Computer Science, BS Software Engineering, BS Mathematics, MSc Mathematics, MPhil Mathematics, BS Physics, MSc Physics, MPhil Physics and MS Computer Science programs in the region. You'll find this website useful to know about our programs, events and activities at RICAS and our leading faculty members.
Dr. Faqir M Bhatti
Director RICAS

Department of Computing

Department of computer science, formed within the RICAS, is working to educate students in Computing, IT and Software. The department is offering 4 years BSCS and BSSE degree programs and the duration of MS in Computer Science is two years (four semesters). One of the main features of MS program is to prepare students for PhD research and promoting research groups in various applied fields. In particular, people attached with RICAS are interested to carry out research in Graph algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Multi-agents and Intelligent System Design.

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is a powerful foundation tool of science which has many applications in other scientific fields. Department of Mathematics is another main component of the institute. The department has excellent faculty experts in Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics and allied fields. We offer BS, MSc and MPhil in Mathematics. In future, we will offer PhD in Mathematics. Advanced courses offered in MPhil are Real analysis, Differential Equations, Optimization, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Computational Numerical Analysis and Advanced Linear Algebra, followed by other research oriented courses. After the completion of courses, students will then be able to work in a particular research areas for their thesis/ dissertation.

Department of Physics

Department of Physics is also a main component of (RICAS). The department has excellent faculty experts in Physics research. The MPhil program (two years duration) provides a solid foundation in the concepts of Physics as well as giving the students experience and understanding of applications of Physics concepts in real world. This program contains advanced courses in Mathematical Physics, Particle Physics, Plasma Physics, Electrodynamics, Semiconductor Physics, Material Science, Statistical Physics, Medical Physics, Nanotechnology and some other research oriented courses. After completion of MPhil degree course, students will be considered for admission in PhD program at the institute,

Faculty Facilities

Faculty Impact
Message from the Director
Our graduates are serving in various national and multi-national companies. Some have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs while others are continuing higher education in renowned national and international universities. We strive to follow the motto of quality teaching