Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences

The Riphah College of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Science was established in 2012 and is working under the faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences at Riphah International University Lahore campus with the aim to produce graduates in the key disciplines of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences in Pakistan according to international standards. The college has currently offering programs in the departments of Physical Therapy, Speech & Language Pathology and Human Diet & Nutrition. It is the pioneer institute in the Entry level Doctor of Physical Therapy, Post Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy program and MS programs in Speech Language Pathology, Orthopedic Manual and Neuro-muscular Physical Therapy. The College has the largest and highly qualified faculty in the key disciplines of rehabilitation & allied health sciences. The college has five campuses, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Mansehra and Mirpurkhas Sindh. RCRAHS is the only institute that has segregated campuses for boys and girls in Islamabad and Lahore, along with well-equipped labs and hospital attachments for clinical training. Riphah has great contribution for the uplifting of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences Professions by enhancing the knowledge and skills of the practicing clinicians.
The Riphah international university has played remarkable role in development of uniform curriculum for the doctor of physical therapy program at HEC level and Dr. Asghar khan, Dean of the faculty of rehabilitation & Allied health sciences was nominated as Secretary of NCRC in 2011 & convener in 2015. The college faculty has significant contribution producing quality research and has published 300+ research papers in the HEC recognized and well-reputed international journals. The college has regularly publishing a research Journal “Journal of Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences (JRCRS)”. The research culture was introduced in the country by successfully organizing international and national rehabilitation conferences. The college has a good repute in the country for quality and value based education in Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences..

Message from the Director
Riphah College of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences is a student-centered institution and well known for value-based professional education in the country. The college is the largest rehab & allied health science institution in the region with presence in the five major cities. The institute has a highly qualified and specialized team of faculty members in all disciplines of rehab & allied health sciences with good research profile. Academic programs are offered at undergraduate and M.Phil/MS level and striving for PhD level programs too. The college is supported by a purposeful building with state of the art lecture theaters, specialized teaching and research labs, hospitals, rehab centers and physical as well as digital library. The clinical sites attached with the college has produced significant community impact and provide free health and rehab care facility to the general public. The college has clear agenda for the promotion of research in rehab and allied health sciences, therefore regularly organized national and international research conference and publishing research journal. My vision for this prestigious college is “To be a Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences Institute according to international standards dedicated for value based professional education with academic Excellence globally”.
Prof Dr. Syed Shakil-ur-Rehman, PhD PT
Director RCRS Lahore Campus

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Student Review
I take pride to have enrolled myself in this institute where international standards undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Physical Therapy are offered under a highly qualified faculty. It will no doubt enable me to achieve my aim in becoming a quality health professional and serve my nation.