Disaster Management

Need based programs in Disaster Management are the dire need of Pakistan since this country is suffering from extreme social, economic, political, strategic and natural disasters. Pakistan is included among the top ten food dependent countries; a great chunk of population is living below the poverty line. The political and economic instability is worsened by the war against terror which has caused more than 50,000 lives in the last decade as well as more then USD 80 Billion economic damage. On the natural disasters side Pakistan has faced two mega natural disasters in the history of the mankind i.e. earthquake of 2005 and the flash floods of 2010.

Need oriented programs with similar substance have not been offered by other universities and capacity building organizations in Pakistan. The programs currently prevailing in Pakistan regarding “Disaster Management” are lacking in ideological, applied and theoretical depth, since such programs are developed normally by copying the content from the leading universities of the world, therefore, they are of no or little practical value for the public sector as well as social/development sector. On the contrary, the newly conceived programs will be developed in the light of field observations, action research, and practice through liaisoning with ministries and reputed organizations, who are the relatively ignored but very important stakeholders.