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Founder Chancellor



Maj. Gen. (R) Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali Khan TI(M), TBt (Late) :

Maj. Gen. (R) Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali Khan TI (M), TBt hardly needs any introduction. He was an internationally renowned Cardiologist and a medical personality of unquestionable integrity with exceptional caliber. He was founding Chairman of the Islamic International Medical College Trust, a not for profit educational trust established in 1995. He has to his credit the establishment and smooth running of AFIC / NIHD, Islamic International Medical College Trust, Hearts International Hospital and Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH). These Institutions are living tribute to his professional capabilities and administrative skills.



Founder's Message:
"I thank Allah S.W.T. for his special blessings on Riphah for successfully completing thirteen years of its existence. Over a decade ago when my colleagues & I visualized establishment of state of the art educational institutions with total commitment to Islamic values, no one could believe that within thirteen years a small plant will become a tree with fruit. I think if we have pure intention, Allah S.W.T. helps through invisible resources. Every new step taken by the university strengthens my belief in Allah’s support.
I am glad to see that university has entered the International arena and has already established its dental college in Ras al-Khaima, UAE. I am also glad to note that the university plans to establish a campus in Mauritius has been endorsed by the Tertiary Education Commission of Mauritius. The strength of university in my view is not in physical expansion but in its translation of Islamic ethical and moral values in the behavior of its faculty members, students and administrative staff. We cannot in influence our young generation with verbal claims. We must present a role model based on the teaching of Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon him).
Our vision of the university from the day one has been not merely an educational institution but a movement for integration of Islamic values in our various disciplines and in character building of students. I thank Allah S.W.T and have full trust in the vision of the competent academic leadership of the university in realization of our mission in academic and tarbiyah purposes."